Founded by Steven Young Under the direction of
Virginia Satir

Tbilisi Georgia

Virginia Satir's Systemic Family Psychotherapy

Virginia Satir's Systemic Family Psychotherapy
July 16th to the 22nd, 2012
10:00 - 18:00 hours (Including coffee break / Lunch
Working Languages: Georgian, English, Russian
Tbilisi, Rupublic of Georgia

Georgian Association of Psychologists and Psychotherapists is pleased to announce a 7 day Training and Master Class in Virginia Satir Systemic Family Psychotherapy, organized jointly with the Institute for International Connections (USA).
Trainer - Steven Young (USA).
Co-trainers - Alexsander Cheriomukhin (Azerbaijan/USA), Elizabeth Good(USA), Larry Bermann(USA).
Beneficiaries of the training can be: psychotherapists, social workers, professionals working with people and any interested persons.
Number of attendees is limited

Training will include the following topics:
• Personal growth and discovery of the participants' personal resources,
• The family as an integrated system,
• Raising a positive climate in a family and in a group, improvement of communication skills,
• Working with a crisis of family relations,
• The impact of family problems on society as a whole,
• Working with difficult clients and their families,
• Family reconstruction and other techniques of systemic approach of Satir

Contact persons in Georgia:
Sophia Verulashvili, Office phone: 2 37 73 49, Cell: 5 99 25 79 72, E-mail:
Contact person in Armenia: Armine Avagyan, Phone: +37493209780, +37499117782
Contact person in the United States: Elizabeth Good, Cell: 540.915.7697, email:

Steven Young is one of the world's leading experts with over 40 years experience in the field of systemic Satir therapy, individual, family and group therapy, and he is the author of many unique techniques. Steven over 30 years studied and worked with Virginia Satir - the founder of family therapy, one of the most influential psychotherapists of the 20th century. Steven uses techniques of group and individual therapy, breathing and body-oriented techniques, family reconstruction, and other tools. Steven is an expert in cross-cultural applications of therapy. He studied therapy based on the traditions of the peoples of South America and other regions, besides for many years he worked in the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, the Philippines, Mexico, and other elsewhere. Steven is expert in working with alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions, he is known for his work with particularly difficult cases. Steven teaches therapists, psychologists, social
workers. He is the founder and director of training programs of the center of Peoplemaking of Colorado and a member of the Satir Global Network. Currently he serves as an expert of several international organizations and rehabilitation centers.