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Founded by Steven Young Under the direction of
Virginia Satir

A Workshop for women and the women
who work with them

The Web of Wisdom is an educational and growth experience for women and the women who work with them. You will explore the intimate relations with the women in your lives, inside and outside the family, as well as issues of attachment to, separation from and peerage with the mother. Our work will demonstrate healing the triadic relationship and emergence into full adult humanity, femininity and high self-esteem.

Women need to...
understand the reality of their gender. Woman is primary. The connection to the mother is essential and this biological fact is the basis of female identity.

Many women take....
inferior status for granted without awareness of the price they pay for it in intimacy, nurturing, and the connection to the life force. In this workshop we will elucidate the innate power and place of woman in the social fabric of our society. Any institution which seeks to impose its will on society must dominate the woman in order to succeed. Truly, the rising of the women is the rising of humanity.

Girls learn very young...
that they must accept submission as the price of approval and nurturance. The enforcement of this submission is largely in the hands of the women in the family and cannot be perpetrated without their collusion. Thus, the real tragedy is the separation and betrayal passed on from woman to woman, generation to generation.

The workshop will focus...
on building self esteem by transforming the wounds among the females in the family system. The consequences for marital, romantic, parental, social, and business relationships will be explored together with questions of feminine identity over the cycles of life and may include female bounds, sex roles, wounded child, violence, and addiction. The issues brought by participants direct the content of the workshop and create the context for individual transformation through use of the Satir Model.

How our early learning...
about the meaning of femininity influences our spiritual journey and quest for personal growth will be a consistent theme.

The Staff
Our facilitation staff has been selected because of their personal congruence, their skill at connecting with other women and their ability to express their femininity in unique and special ways. they have all studied with Steven Young and Maria Gamori.