Steven Young

is the founder and director of Peoplemaking of Colorado.  He works as a teacher of Virginia Satir’s Human Validation Process Model. He served on the Board of Directors of AVANTA Virginia Satir's teaching network at the time of her death.

            His methods combine Curanderismo, traditional folk healing and humanistic psychology's growing edge. In addition to doing Classical Family Reconstructions and Working with Families and all kinds is Human Systems ,and Teaching
           He has a special interest in men and masculine issues and works with men of all ages around father - son relations, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, parenting issues & disputes, divorce, sexual and gender issues and self esteem.

     Steven encourages People to engage in the hazardous enterprise of living with Dignity, Generosity, and Good Sense.

     He teaches  people to approach the vicissitudes of living without Moral, Spiritual, Intellectual, Material, or Substance Intoxication.

Steven brings a sense of connection to the numinous other  dimension of reality to everything He  does , wether it be Teaching, Consulting, Counseling , or Leading Ritual and Ceremony to mark the important transitions in living.

He values every human being that He encounters and believes that he has a Gift of Empathy and an ability to put himself in the place of every person in each system. He believes that every one is doing the best that they know how to do, and that when they know how to do better, they will.

    His strengths are Leadership,Follower-ship, Collaboration ,and Policy making, Goals Setting, Strategic Thinking and Planning and Tactical over site , Evaluation, And Accountability Management.

Steven's special expertise consists in using the Human Validation Process Model ( Pioneered by Virginia SATIR ) to develop Any Human System; Individuals, Couples, Families of every kind, organizations and Businesses, Non-profits, NGOs, Governmental organs, Etc.

Founded by Steven Young Under the direction of
Virginia Satir