Conjoint Family Therapy, Virginia Satir
The New Peoplemaking, Virginia Satir
The Satir Approach to Communication: a Workshop Manual, Johanna Schwab, Michele Baldwin,                          Jane Gerber, Maria Gomori, Virginia Satir
The Satir Model: Family Therapy and Beyond
Satir Step by Step: A Guide to Creating Change in Families Michele Baldwin

Virginia Satir (1916-1988) was one of the major pioneers in family therapy. Internationally acclaimed as a therapist, lecturer, and trainer of other therapists, she was known for her special warmth and her remarkable insight into human communication and self-esteem. Her work influenced many other theorists, writers, leaders, and therapists throughout the world. Her best-selling work, New Peoplemaking (revised shortly before her death) is probably the clearest and most inclusive description of family life available. And the third edition of her Conjoint Family Therapy remains a classic in the field of family dynamics.